R&D software development areas


  • Static, dynamic responsice webpahes
  • Web applications, mobile friendly
  • Web 3D applications
  • MVVM, MVC architectures
  • MySql,Oracle,MSSQL,Interbase ...
  • Mobil applications


  • Specialized 3D DirectX based building designer system
  • Tekla Structures Macros and modules
  • Autocad modules
  • 2D and 3D interfaces
  • Specialized applications


  • Specialized HMI softwares (Delphi C#)
  • Beckhoff SoftPLC, Zenon HMI
  • PLC communication tools and softwares
  • TCP/IP,USB,RS232,RS485 communication low level modules
  • Specialized mikrocontroller based design, production and programming
  • ARM, STM32, PIC, ATMEL, ARDUINO design programming and production


3D Building Designer

  • 3D DirectX base Delphi detailing system
  • 2D drawing generator and editor
  • Autocad import export compatible
  • Archicad GDL macro
  • Tekla Structures Interface
  • 10 year development

Tekla Macros

  • 3D Building detailing software
  • C/C++ macros for easier editing
  • import from our system


  • Employee web/mobile based HR management system
  • worktime and salary releated adminsitration
  • HR releated administration
  • Oracle, MVC CS, .JS,HTML
  • Company HR system connection


  • Weight measure system
  • Company ERP connection via RF interface
  • HW and SW design/product
  • PIC microcontroller based
  • High endurance housing for industrial area

Zenon HMI

  • PC based SCADA
  • Compatible with most of the PLCs
  • Industrial PC/ touch based
  • For the biggest factories
  • Fast development and modification

Delphi HMI

  • Delphi
  • Big variety of hw interfaces
  • Configurable by the customer
  • Statistical system
  • ERP connection


  • Truck and railway cargo logistical system
  • Cargo scale/measure system
  • C++,MSSQL
  • ASP.NET statistical website
  • Long time intervention free program lifecycle


  • PIC32 based heater controller
  • four PT100 sensor
  • valve controller
  • ventillator speed controller
  • eeprom based parametrized configurator

Up-to-date technology

Using of newest technologies:

  • Vue.js, React, Node
  • Bootstrap, JQuery, Three.js
  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
  • Platform IO, Arduino IDE
  • Atmel Studio, MPLAB-X